Fabric Remnants Wall Art

Hello, I am Amanda and I am thrilled to be sharing my first DIY post here at the LIFE of a not so ordinary WIFE!  Today, I am going to show you how to make an inexpensive art wall using fabric remnants. 
I am a fabric lover which leaves me with a lot of left over fabric.  I love all of the different patterns and colors so, even if it’s just a scrap it is hard for me to part with beautiful fabric.
After staring at the blank wall in my guest bedroom, I decided to put my fabric remnants to good use and I made an art wall using embroidery hoops and left over fabric. 
I bought a few large wooden hoops at Hobby Lobby, added some fabric and hung the hoops on the wall.
I liked the look so I started looking for “lots” of wooden hoops on ebay.
I purchased thirty different sized hoops for $15 (this is a great deal and much less expensive than buying brand new hoops).
I added my leftover fabric to the hoops.  To make it easier, I tried not to worry a lot about fabric placement (or what part of the fabric looked best).  If you are interested in a budget art wall, use what you have!  If you like the fabric, DON’T WORRY about it matching!

Next I trimmed all the extra fabric and began placing the hoops on the wall.
I rotated sides and added a few hoops on the left and then a few on the right.  There is no right or wrong way to do it. I used very small nails and sticky tack to prevent the hoops from falling off the wall if someone bumped into them.

Try your best NOT to over think the placement. Some of my hoops touch and some don’t.
 My completed (for now) embroidery hoop art wall.
The possibilities are endless with this kind of project!
 You could continually add to your wall as you acquire more fabric.
You could have some of your hoops monogrammed to spell out a name or special saying.
Use your imagination! 
Best of all, if you use your own fabric no one will have a wall like yours!
I hope this project inspires you!  I’d be happy to help if you have any questions!
Thanks Melissa!  I look forward to sharing with you again soon.

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  1. says

    Thank you SO MUCH! You’ve solved a huge problem for me. I’m saving up money to decorate my 18 month old boys bedroom. We’re really hard up at the moment so I never decorated his nursery, and ever since I’ve felt I’ve missed out! Anyway, I now have enough put by to at least start on his room. I fell in love with this range of complimentary fabrics (westward ho By prestigious designs). Its so expensive so I’m splashing out on curtains but can’t afford to make linen and cushions as well like i hoped to. I was trying to find a way to make maximum impact with lowest cost. using your idea I can use remnants from the whole range of designs and make a feature wall!!! I’m thrilled. Was getting a disheartened after months of scrimping and still not getting what I wanted. Now I’m excited again!!! The best thing is I can keep adding to it every time I have a few spare pounds. Can’t tell you how much you’ve cheered me up.

  2. says

    BEAUTIFUL! I am doing this! Thanks for sharing this over at Trendy Treehosue! I am going to feature it next week. Pinning it NOW! 😉 Have a lovely weekend!

    xoxo, Tara

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