Foster Care: Old Enough to Know

11 1200x900 Foster Care: Old Enough to Know

About 4 weeks ago we received a call about a set of siblings that needed a foster home, the ages were 18 months and 6 years old. We are licensed for 3 children the only thing that was making the decision hard was the 6 year old. See up until now all I’ve done are children under 2 who really don’t know what’s going on or at least can’t express it, so having a child old enough to know exactly what was going on scared me… big time. Even though I was scared and nervous I said yes, it’s that feeling inside where you know you’re supposed to say yes, I thank God for that feeling, it’s gotten me far in life.

We picked them up not knowing what to expect and the 6 year old boy literally cried the entire way home, constantly asking when he was going to go home. In that car ride with tears in my eyes I thought, oh no what did I do? What have I gotten myself into? I am in WAY over my head. As I searched through my mind racing to find things to say to comfort him all I could come up with were generic answers such as “your mom has some things to work on and then you can go home, but we are going to have fun while you’re here”.

That night he called his mom on the phone and after he talked with her I got to talk with her and she started crying on the phone to me telling me she is trying so hard to get her life together and she was also thanking me for taking care of her children. As she was crying I started crying and let her know that we were praying for her and that her kids would be well taken care of. It was in that moment that God reassured me this is way bigger than myself and what I am feeling. It’s about taking care of these precious children.

Each day goes by and it gets easier and easier as these kids start getting more comfortable with us and start learning about Jesus! I thank God for giving me this day to day ministry!

Tracking Device for Your Wallet

 Tracking Device for Your Wallet

I don’t know about you but I constantly lose my wallet, even if it is in a Captain America wallet. I usually lose it when it falls out of my pocket in the jeep, or in the couch, And I always spend hours looking for it. So started doing some research online to find a way to track my wallet and this is what I found – the TrackR.

The tracker works with your iPhone or android and allows you to track it’s GPS location. It also comes with a ringtone. The thing I like about this is that you can control it with your phone, in my case my iPhone. What I did was I ordered it off of, and when I set it up (which was really easy), I slept the tracker into my wallet. It’s real skinny and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Now wish I was getting paid to write a blog post about the tracker, but I’m not. You really know that I love a piece of technology when I will take the time to post on it for free. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love the opportunity to review some free products for tech companies…hint hint

The tracker also connects to your keys, which is my next step. I hope you guys try it and enjoy it. Let me know what you think – good or bad.

 Tracking Device for Your Wallet

Some People are Just Mean

1 Some People are Just Mean

It seems funny we finally are able to have children through foster to adopt and there are still people making idiot remarks about my infertility.

One reason why infertility is such a struggle to get through is because everything is secret about it. People go years without saying anything and just feeling this sense of loss, the sense of not being good enough. Years and years of questioning God as to why he hasn’t given you the gift of a child. It’s a long lonely road that I believe only very strong women can get through. It messes with your head, it messes with your marriage, it messes with who you are as a person. It’s years of wanting to grieve over the loss of not having a child mixed with the tiny little hope that you could still have a child. It’s a REAL LIFE battle.

So on top of all of that to have some idiot just walk past you and just poke and pry into your life is like someone popping a bubble that’s been growing for years and you just cry.

I am so blessed right now to be in the process of adopting a little baby girl who I’ve waited and worked so hard for but that doesn’t mean that people are going to stop being mean.

I can’t even imagine saying some of the things people say to me. Yes I cry about it…. For a second then I wipe my tears and move on because I don’t need that in my life.

God made me tough. That’s why He gave me infertility.

A Sneak Peak Into Her Vintage Nursery

IMG 16031 A Sneak Peak Into Her Vintage Nursery
I’ve always dreamed of doing a baby girl’s nursery, all the girly happiness that you can shove into one room.

I got to do the other nursery which is for our foster children and I had to keep it neutral so I went with grays and I think I did a pretty good job, you can find it here. It’s a nursery not just for babies but for toddlers too so I had to keep it super toddler friendly as well.

Well when we heard the news that we have great chances of adopting baby girl my first thought was to turn our office into her own private nursery that was filled with all things girly. My husband who had his guitars and computer in there reluctantly agreed. Although as soon as we started the process he got excited and helped me out every step of the way, even as far as removing the popcorn ceiling! Thanks husband!!

It’s not finished yet but we got the main wall decor up and so I snapped a few pictures. I think we are just waiting on a dresser and my Grammy and I, when ever we find the time, will be sewing a custom crib bedding set for her!

IMG 15961 A Sneak Peak Into Her Vintage Nursery
IMG 15991 A Sneak Peak Into Her Vintage Nursery
IMG 16141 A Sneak Peak Into Her Vintage Nursery
IMG 16201 A Sneak Peak Into Her Vintage Nursery
Will post some more pictures when the room is complete!!
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