Some People are Just Mean

mean people

It seems funny we finally are able to have children through foster to adopt and there are still people making idiot remarks about my infertility.

One reason why infertility is such a struggle to get through is because everything is secret about it. People go years without saying anything and just feeling this sense of loss, the sense of not being good enough. Years and years of questioning God as to why he hasn’t given you the gift of a child. It’s a long lonely road that I believe only very strong women can get through. It messes with your head, it messes with your marriage, it messes with who you are as a person. It’s years of wanting to grieve over the loss of not having a child mixed with the tiny little hope that you could still have a child. It’s a REAL LIFE battle.

So on top of all of that to have some idiot just walk past you and just poke and pry into your life is like someone popping a bubble that’s been growing for years and you just cry.

I am so blessed right now to be in the process of adopting a little baby girl who I’ve waited and worked so hard for but that doesn’t mean that people are going to stop being mean.

I can’t even imagine saying some of the things people say to me. Yes I cry about it…. For a second then I wipe my tears and move on because I don’t need that in my life.

God made me tough. That’s why He gave me infertility.


  1. Michelle says

    I am one of those lurkers but rare commenters but I just feel compelled to comment to this. I am so sorry for what you have gone through. I can’t image why anyone would be so mean. I have no idea what infertility is like, but I imagine it’s nothing short of heart shattering. And now you are giving a child a home, you’re a hero. When this adoption is final, you and your husband are going to be her heroes. And not just because you clean up her messes and her laundry, not just because you kiss her boo boos and tuck her in at night, but because you saved her. Because it’s super easy for some people to make a baby, but you waited and prayed and had faith in God for him to bless you with her. You wanted her and chose her.

    I do so wish people would stop being mean.

    • says

      awww thank you! Your comment means so much to me! I am so blessed to be able to adopt this baby girl and just knowing that makes all the mean people in the world not even worth my time!!

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