Foster Care: Old Enough to Know


About 4 weeks ago we received a call about a set of siblings that needed a foster home, the ages were 18 months and 6 years old. We are licensed for 3 children the only thing that was making the decision hard was the 6 year old. See up until now all I’ve done are children under 2 who really don’t know what’s going on or at least can’t express it, so having a child old enough to know exactly what was going on scared me… big time. Even though I was scared and nervous I said yes, it’s that feeling inside where you know you’re supposed to say yes, I thank God for that feeling, it’s gotten me far in life.

We picked them up not knowing what to expect and the 6 year old boy literally cried the entire way home, constantly asking when he was going to go home. In that car ride with tears in my eyes I thought, oh no what did I do? What have I gotten myself into? I am in WAY over my head. As I searched through my mind racing to find things to say to comfort him all I could come up with were generic answers such as “your mom has some things to work on and then you can go home, but we are going to have fun while you’re here”.

That night he called his mom on the phone and after he talked with her I got to talk with her and she started crying on the phone to me telling me she is trying so hard to get her life together and she was also thanking me for taking care of her children. As she was crying I started crying and let her know that we were praying for her and that her kids would be well taken care of. It was in that moment that God reassured me this is way bigger than myself and what I am feeling. It’s about taking care of these precious children.

Each day goes by and it gets easier and easier as these kids start getting more comfortable with us and start learning about Jesus! I thank God for giving me this day to day ministry!


  1. Patricia Nalley Hanson says

    I didn’t know we were related until a few minutes ago. How proud I am to know this. I love you my precious cousin.

  2. Patricia Hanson says

    I don’t know you but Thank You for what you are doing. My heart prayed with you and I will continue to pray with you. You are doing God’s will for these babies and laying a foundation for them for life. God bless you my sweet sister in Christ.

  3. Jim Riggs says

    Melissa and Wes…. you two truly amaze me. The love you have to give. It is not everyone that could do this. You also get to teach these children during the main learning years. Keep up the great work. I am proud of you both!

  4. says

    You are an angel. Hearing about taking in foster children from the point of view of the foster parents is so heart-wrenching! I had a student this past school year who was in a foster care home and I spent the school year praying hard for her. She was in 4 homes over the course of the school year (if you include a brief stay at the county children’s home) and my heart goes out to her and all foster children. It takes a strong heart to be a foster mom, and your two foster children are blessed to be in a Christ-centered home. While I wish all children could live with their natural mommies and daddies, often a foster home is a much safer and more loving environment.

  5. says

    This is a great post. we have a couple at our church that fosters and is just amazing how much they can influence the kids and teach about Jesus in the short time they have them. Some day i would love to foster. Your an amazing and strong woman to take that on everyday!!

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