A Sneak Peak Into Her Vintage Nursery

I’ve always dreamed of doing a baby girl’s nursery, all the girly happiness that you can shove into one room.

I got to do the other nursery which is for our foster children and I had to keep it neutral so I went with grays and I think I did a pretty good job, you can find it here. It’s a nursery not just for babies but for toddlers too so I had to keep it super toddler friendly as well.

Well when we heard the news that we have great chances of adopting baby girl my first thought was to turn our office into her own private nursery that was filled with all things girly. My husband who had his guitars and computer in there reluctantly agreed. Although as soon as we started the process he got excited and helped me out every step of the way, even as far as removing the popcorn ceiling! Thanks husband!!

It’s not finished yet but we got the main wall decor up and so I snapped a few pictures. I think we are just waiting on a dresser and my Grammy and I, when ever we find the time, will be sewing a custom crib bedding set for her!

Will post some more pictures when the room is complete!!


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    WHOAH! I have missed your blog SO much! You know it’s been too long when i come back and you have a nursery decked out and you’re about to foster! CONGRATS dude! I’m so stinkin’ happy for you! So when you foster, how long do you keep them? WOW! God is going to bless you and your husband tremendously. I truly believe God has an extra special place in his heart for babies/children and when you take care of one, it will not go un-noticed. Oh and by the way, that nursery freakin’ rocks!

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