Kid’s Activity Table: Thrift Store Transformation

I love going to thrift stores. I know it seems like everyone loves that nowadays, and to be honest with you I definitely jumped on that train but little did I know how much I would really really love it! Thrifting and recycling things and just loving old things has been a little bit of a hobby for me and so when I saw this activity table I just had to give it a go… I mean it was only $5.
As soon as I saw it I started dreaming and imagining how I could fix it up and then I look up to see my mom and sister looking at me like I’m crazy. We even walked out of the store with my sister saying “winning is in the eye of the beholder”. It was pretty weathered and the paint on almost all of the pieces was chipping off badly but I knew these things were really expensive new so $5 was a deal for sure and with a little sanding and painting it would look as good as new!
Here are some before shots:

 My husband took it apart and off to sanding we went.

 Then a little hand painting and a little color matching I was able to make the pieces look decent!
 We also spray painted the legs white so they would match with the current nursery theme.

Yep, definitely worth $5.


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