DIY: How to paint a Chevron Stripe

Hello Friends, it’s Amanda, from mommy is coocoo. Today I am going to share a popular painting tutorial with you.
I tried to paint a chevron stripe when I made a pallet wood sign  for a friend. To say it was challenging would be an understatement!  I looked at several tutorials online that were difficult to understand. (My coocoo mind can take about three directions then I start to skim.)  I thought all those people that said, “easy and simple” when they were talking about how to paint a chevron stripe were liars (or geniuses).
I still don’t think the process for painting a chevron stripe is easy or simple (there are more than three steps) but I believe  I’ve created a simple tutorial.  This tutorial is so Easy to Understand my five year old sat beside me and drew the stripes.

How to Paint a Chevron Stripe

The process is the same regardless of what you paint on (could be a wall, piece of furniture, a wood sign, etc…)  

My lines are slightly crooked because you are seeing photos of the paper I drew on. Bare with me!

Now your object is divided in half.

Now your object is divided into four equal sections.
Now your object is divided into several small boxes
Now you can see the chevron!
Now paint your chevron stripes and erase or paint over your pencil marks
If you’d like further explanation see my chevron stripe video my son and I did here.

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