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I don’t know about you, but I love my iPhone. I am pretty sure I would be lost without it haha. I remember back when I was in highschool having a cell phone was unheard of and to be honest I am kind of happy that I got to live through that time because I can tell my future children when they whine for a phone that when I was a kid no one had phones… LOL. 
There are so many apps out there that help me with my blogging almost every day! So I thought I would put a little list together for you. 
Evernote is my go to for organizing my blog! I have been using it since day one and it connects to my iphone and syncs to my mac. A life save for sure! I wrote a post about how I use it in detail here.
Google Drive is what I use to organize all my sponsor and giveaway forms so its great when I can see it from my phone.
Mail Chimp is how I send out my newsletter. The app is great for checking reports and checking for new subscribers.
Dropbox is great for transferring files around and also pictures that you take from your iPhone!
Bloglovin’ is where I spend time catching up on other blogs and try and read all of their amazing content! 
Paypal… if you have sidebar advertisements you know why this is a much needed app.

Facebook Pages is pretty self explanatory, I am actually happy that they made a new app just for pages instead of combining it with the regular facebook app.
Twitter is my social media go-to for blogging. I connect to so many bloggers everyday through twitter.
Just Unfollow is great way to keep track of different twitter stats.
Instagram is by far my favorite time wasting app nowadays. I am having so much fun with it.
Picfx has some great options for creating some fabulous Instagram pics.
InstaCollage is just that, a collage of pics you can make into one great instagram pic.
Followers is where I get all my Instagram stats. I use it to see what people respond to and how to get more interaction with my followers.
Pinterest, this app is used when I can’t sleep at night and I just lay in bed and start pinning haha
Google+ is not used as often as my other apps but it’s still a great way to reach out to others and get your blog known.
Last but not least is the new Vine App that has been blowing up in the blogging world. It is quite addicting! You can find me at thelifeofawife. It’s basically like instagram except its super short videos, kind of fun! Here is one I made:

Scheduling my blog posts :) #organized vine.co/v/bJXIIY0J2dO
— Melissa (@thelifeofawife) January 29, 2013

I also love finding new apps so if you have one that you love write it in the comments section below so I can check it out.

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    How ironic – I’ve got a post in draft mode about favorite apps. Not blogging related, just in general. I’ll check out a few of these that I don’t use (Evernote, Dropbox)

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