Jewelry Swap

Do you have an over abundance of jewelry? I’m not talking the expensive/real stuff I’m talking the cheap yet still way cute stuff like the kind you buy at Forever 21. 
I know I personally have a crazy amount of jewelry just laying around everywhere. There are quite a few pieces that I don’t wear anymore just because I’m “over it”. So this got me thinking even though I am “over it” there has got to be some ladies out there who would adore this little necklace or ring or bracelet or any piece. And so I thought wouldn’t be cool to do a jewelry swap with the pieces already in our closet? HECK YA!
So I’m calling it the Jewelry Swap. Each person who enters before the deadline of July 9th will be paired up with one other person. You will then pick one piece of jewelry from your closet that you would like to send to that person. Just make sure it is still in good quality, has a value of under $10 and it is something that you personally would like to receive. Then you need to have your jewelry shipped out by July 16th and post on your blog what you got, with pictures of course, on July 30th! 
Sounds like fun, right?
The Jewelry Swap is opened to everyone in the US and out of country. US will be paired with US and out of country will be paired with each other as well.
Fill out this form by July 9 to enter!

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  1. says

    I think I have to play…no seriously, I have to start clearing out some stuff in my abode before I’m found in a pile of shopping bags, wrinkled maxi dresses, and feather earrings.

    There’s so much going on on your blog! I’m going to have to do some reading up tonight to soak it all in!!

    Lauren :)

  2. says

    Genius!! You have no idea how many pieces I get that I think I will wear all the time and they are still hanging there, dying to be worn (or so I think. lol). Love this idea!

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