March 29, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays

Today I'm linking up with Jenna from The Life of the Wife for The Last Thing Thursdays!

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The Last Thing I...

Iced Chai Tea Latte (as usual mornings go)

I skipped breakfast so my last would be this cupcake I made last night. Click here for Recipe.

This awesome Anthropologie Inspired Centerpiece. Click here for the tutorial.

Frosting Tips!!

"Draw Something" photo I took
This game is addicting. haha.


Megan said...

Those cupcakes look yummy!

Katedlee said...

Those cupcakes are so cute! They inspire me to bake something :)

dancingwithashley said...

I need to check out those frosting tips.  My frosting work is kinda crazy!

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